UPDATED: Boater Saves Drowning Man 

After a dare goes too far, a reluctant hero saves the life of swimmer in need. Around 4 P.M. Tuesday, residents of Brewer Lake Road spotted a man in his 20’s, gasping for air and screaming for help. He was trying to swim to an island, nearly a quarter mile away from Orrington’s boat landing. One onlooker said he could see him trying to tread water about 500 feet from shore. “Well I see three young fellas out there swimming. The other 2 bet the other fella 20 bucks that he couldn’t swim to the island and he didn’t make it,” said Bobby Hafford. The Orrington Fire Department arrived about 10 minutes after the neighbors called. As they waited, a neighbor used his boat to rescue the man, while another prepared his kayak to do the same. Orrington’s fire chief says the man is okay. He was brought to a local hospital to be checked out. The man who neighbors say, saved the swimmer’s life, declined to be interviewed.