150th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Gettysburg: Close-up On Brewer Civil War Hero 

Joshua Chamberlain was never educated in military strategies, but his command of the 20th Maine Regiment during the Civil War made an impact. During the Battle of Gettysburg, Chamberlain led his Union troops in defense of a hill named Little Round Top.”At the end of the day, the fifth battle, Chamberlain’s folks were out of ammunition and they fixed bayonets and they charged down the hill,” explained Rep. Archie Verow,(D) Brewer. The Confederate soldiers retreated.It was a turning point that helped give the Union momentum to eventually win the war. The City of Brewer has created their own Little Round Top in his honor. “He looks serious but he looks determined and focused on the task ahead. He was definitely a leader. Our young people should learn that you can come from just an ordinary background and you can go on and do good things through determination and teamwork,” said Verow. This park is not far from the North Main Street home where Chamberlain was born.While the house has been renovated over the years, preservationist Dan Moellentin is trying to fix it up.When asked why he wanted to restore Chamberlain’s house, he told us, “I’m just keeping up the tradition.” Chamberlain meant a lot to him, “Well he’s a genuine, just a genuine teacher, a genuine hero.””I think coming from the background that he came from, from a small town. He had these strong values about right and wrong,” said Verow. Values that Brewer still tries to uphold.”We have adopted ourselves as a community of caring and a community of inclusiveness and we just try to spread that message to our citizens and folks that come here to visit,” said Verow.