Senior Watch: “The Lucky Few” A Preview 

Rob Crone, Director of Nutrition for Eastern Area Agency on Aging and a very special guest, Captain Paul Jacobs join Jon Small to talk about the film T”he Lucky Few”, which will be showing all summer at various cafes.Eastern Area Agency on Aging is pleased to show the film, “The Lucky Few” which portrays the dramatic rescue of more than 30,000 South Vietnamese refugees by the USS Kirk during the fall of Saigon in April 1975. Paul Jacobs, USN Retired Commander of the USS Kirk will be present at each viewing and will provide the introduction and commentary on the film. Showings will be held through the summer at various Community Cafes. Log on for schedule. The video depicts the story of how the Vietnam War ended – with a successful humanitarian victory led by the officers and crew of one navy ship: an epic accomplishment unsurpassed nearly 40 years later.