Plans In The Works To Improve Bangor Internationl Airport’s Domestic Terminal 

Bangor International Airport gets people where they need to go, but airport officials say some upcoming improvements will make the process better for passengers. Plans are in the works to update the airport’s first floor domestic terminal.”There are basically two projects that we hope to undertake simultaneously. One is the grant funding that we got from the TSA to do the in-line baggage screening program and also coupled with that, the upgrade here to the main terminal,” said Airport Director Tony Caruso. The close to nine million dollar project will be paid for mostly by federal funds. “Really the whole idea of it is to improve the passenger experience and hopefully improve efficiencies for the airline so the passengers will come in, they’ll all have one check in. They’ll be able to go upstairs, go through screenings. When they get back they’ll be able to exit to the right, grab their checked baggage, get a rental car if they need it and be able to exit. So really improved the passenger flow so you don’t get a lot of criss-crossing of passengers,” said Superintendent of OperationsRobbie Beaton. The updated terminal is not only going to improve passenger flow, but it’s going to give it more of a modern feel. There will be more natural lighting, new floors, and of course some wooden elements to give it a little Maine flair.”It’s all about first impressions, in my opinion, so when people come in we want them to be satisfied and we want them to return,” said Beaton. “We are very excited to undertake this type of significant project in a terminal that is unfortunately outdated,” said Caruso. Construction will begin in February and take almost two years to complete. “We have a lot of moving around, a lot of moving parts with this. So to move airlines around you’re going to have temporary setups, so hopefully the passengers can bare with us because when it’s all said and done it’s going to be a lot better for them. We want the passengers to have a great experience when they come to Bangor that’s the bottom line,” said Beaton.