City of Bangor Wants Public’s Input On Bus Service, Pickering Square 

The City of Bangor would like the public’s input. City officials are looking into moving the Pickering Square bus hub.They say there has been an increase in ridership, buses have gotten larger and louder, and the area’s layout makes it a poor location.Transportation consultants are beginning a study of the situation and want to hear from the public.”We have a couple of different scenarios that we’re looking at and and even some possible locations that were looking at. So I think that the consultant will walk the group through what those are and then to open it up to should it even be moved. The buses themselves have seen something like a million riders a year, so growth has been tremendous and this is really an asset for many people in their lives, so we don’t want to make the decision without consulting the public,” Jason Bird, Business Development Officer & Downtown Coordinator for the City of Bangor. To share your opinion you can attend the public workshop Thursday afternoon at 2pm at Bangor City Hall.