Camp CaPella In Dedham Opens For The Summer 

”This is the day we look forward to all year! It’s the first day of camp,” said Dana Mosher, the executive director of Camp CaPella.”We have so much fun here, and last year it was so much fun, that I saw an eagle on the tree,” said returning camper, Devon.That kind of fun is expected to fill every day at Camp CaPella this summer.For their first day back in session, campers had fun inside.”Earlier in there I saw a duck, and a seagull, and I saw bones, and beaks,” said first-time camper, Izzy.They also had fun outside.”It’s probably the highlight of their year. For many of us, it’s like going to Disney World, I think, for the first time. They look forward all year long to coming to camp, and just being a kid here,” said Mosher.Even if you’re not technically a kid, Michael Noyes said,” Being my 60th birthday today, I can be six to 16 again.”He’s a familiar face around here and helps with fundraising for the camp.”You know, we don’t have any outside funding, so it’s just the efforts of the people that want to make sure that these kids have a place to come to camp in the summer,” said Noyes.”This place is here because people donate money, donate time, it’s here because people really care about kids with disabilities and they want to give them an experience they can’t get anywhere else. Where nobody laughs at them, nobody makes fun of them, you know they’re just totally accepted,” said Mosher.It’s days like this that make all that hard work worthwhile.”I just love seeing all the kids. Especially, it being my third summer, I love watching how much they grow, and how much they actually love being here. It’s such a great feeling to know them, and provide them with all of these opportunities to have such a great time in the summer,” said Samantha Bedore, a camp counselor.”All you have to do is spend 20 minutes down here during the course of our camp, and you walk away with this feeling like, ‘oh, I got it.’ I understand now how important this place is to these kids,” said Mosher.”I want to say to everybody at Camp Capella that this is super duper fun,” said Izzy.Click on for more information on the camp.