Bangor City Council Blocks Charter Schools, Approves Budget, and Censures Longo 

There were two major decisions made by the Bangor city council Monday. The council unanimously passed a moratorium blocking charter schools. The motion cuts off the release of occupancy certificates for 6 months. Those are the documents charter schools need before they can actually set up in the city. City officials will use that time to change existing law to eliminate the harm that, they say, charter schools could have on the community.After months of discussion and deliberation, the 2014 municipal budget has been approved. The spending plan, in excess of $90 million, was accepted unanimously. Also at that meeting, the council voted formally reprimand Councilor Charlie Longo for his controversial remarks about Governor LePage at their last public meeting. He apologized for his suggestion that Governor LePage likes to quote “hit the bars”. After that, the council voted 7 to 1 to censure Longo. The punishment doesn’t actually ban him from any government activity.