Bangor Beer Festival is a Big Hit 

It was a beer-lovers paradise down at the Bangor waterfront on Saturday. Folks were “tapping into summer” with fifteen Maine breweries serving up their best ales.”Everyday is a pretty good day to drink beer,” Robert Smith, from Hampden said.Upwards of 700 people registered for the first ever Bangor Beer Festival, and even more showed up that afternoon.”They all have to be Maine craft vendors so there’s no other beer from other states, no big box style of beer, it’s all craft beer” Kerrie Tripp with the Greater Bangor CVB said. Geaghan’s Brother’s Brewing was among the breweries at the festival. Andrew Geaghan said this is the place for them…”We pride ourselves on being Bangor, Maine. To be bangor Maine is refined and sophisticated in a sense, but also just hometown and proud of it.”From summer ales to bold stouts, there was something for every palate.”I’m looking to experience a new lager beer that I haven’t heard of that I can purchase in stores,” Shawn St. Jean from Glenburn said. There were many different tasting techniques. Some tasters like to sniff, while others sip… all to get the best taste and flavor out of each glass. Jen Chiarell and Travis Biolette from Old Town had their own special method. “He gets what he likes and I get what I like, and then we try each others…so that works out pretty well,” Jen said.The best time to enjoy a local brew?”On a nice warm Maine summer day that’s for sure, and in a can,” Luke Livingston President of Baxter Brewing Co. said.