Gov. LePage Apologizes for Offensive Remarks, Hints at Congressional Run 

Gov. Paul LePage says he’s sorry for the offensive remarks he made on Thursday.Earlier today the governor said, “If I offended anyone with my comment, my sincere apology. It was not meant to offend anybody but I will say this: it was intended to wake the people of Maine up.”The governor and Democratic state Sen. Troy Jackson are on opposite ends of the current budget battle in Augusta.LePage is upset that the budget lawmakers passed last week includes tax hikes.On Thursday, WABI TV 5 and WMTW News 8 were the only media outlets there when LePage said, “Sen. Jackson claims to be for the people, but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline.”The governor also said Jackson has “no brains” and “a black heart.”Governor LePage said, Jackson, an Aroostook County logger, should stick to logging and leave the job of legislating to smart people.“I will apologize to the loggers of the State of Maine,” the governor told reporters on Friday.“It was never my intent to ever ever suggest that the loggers of the state of Maine are in the same league as Troy Jackson,” LePage said.When asked if he’s worried that comments like the ones he made on Thursday will hurt him politically, LePage said he’s not entirely sure he’s going to seek a second term in the Blaine House.He added, “I’m considering running for Mike Michaud’s seat if you want to know the truth, because it can’t be any worse in Washington than it is here.”Michaud, a Democrat, represents Maine’s 2nd Congressional District and is also exploring a run for governor in 2014.