Dedham Community Coming Together To Help Displaced Family 

In May, fire broke out at the Dedham home of Burt and Jane Davis.An electrical malfunction started the blaze.”When we heard that there was a problem at the Davis house, and we saw it on the news, I came by the next morning, and even though the family’s been very reluctant to except the massive outpouring of love, and help from this community, they finally relented, and so we’re pulling together in a lot of different ways,” said Karl Ward, President and CEO of Nickerson and O’Day.The family’s home is still unlivable.”Just imagine if this were your home. Personal mementos, your graduation suit, trophies you’ve won, things that are irreplaceable have been damaged here. I think everyone can relate to that. We as a community can’t replace those things, but what we can do is we can help them rebuild,” said Ward.The next step for the Davis’ is to try to come up here and salvage what wasn’t damaged in the fire.”In my opinion, it’s rebuildable. We’re waiting to hear from an insurance company. They were not insured for their contents. So, the plan is, once we’ve gotten the approval is to begin a rebuilding effort,” said Ward.It’s an effort to get the entire family under one roof.”The mom and the triplets are living in one location. One son has been living some place else, and the dad is living another place. They’re scattered,” said Ward.A spaghetti supper is being held Saturday to raise money to help the family.”Meg and my daughter are best friends, have grown up together, have been at my house for years. And, they’re just good people, and I love them dearly,” said Heidi Fish, a friend of the family.She says the outpouring of love from so many in her town is a feeling she can’t describe.”It’s wonderful. I’m not even sure there are words to explain it,” said Fish.That spaghetti supper will be held Saturday night at Dedham Elementary School.It’s from 5 to 7.There will be several things auctioned off too.For more information, call Heidi Fish at 356-0152.Or, log on to the facebook page, Help The Davis Family.There is also a fund set up at People’s United Bank.