Norridgewock Man Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting Four Girls 

A Norridgewock man is going to jail for four years after admitting on Wednesday to sexually assaulting four children at a day care that was run by his wife.”Mr. Barstow, how do you plea to count one in the indictment of CR 1368 charging you with unlawful sexual contact, Class B?,” said Hon. Robert Mullen, Deputy Chief Judge. “Guilty,” responded 67-year-old Horace Barstow.Barstow pleaded guilty three more times in a Skowhegan courtroom to sexually assaulting another three girls. All four were under the age of fourteen. “My client pled guilty to the four counts in the complaint today. He did that as acceptance of responsibility and to put this matter behind him and obviously part of that is sparing young children the necessity of going through a trial process which is not a fun process,” said his defense attorney, Bill Logan. The girls all went to ABC 1-2-3 Daycare, which was run by his wife at their home. The child care facility has since closed. “For everyone involved, this is a horrific breach of trust. I give you credit, you are sparing the victims of a trial,” said Hon. Mullen. “The sentence is going to result in an incarceration of four years with ten years of probation to follow that,” said Logan. His probation under the conditions of no contact with the victims or any other females under the age of 16, your honor.Hon. Mullen also told Barstow that if he violates his probation in any way, quote “I wouldn’t want to be you, let’s just put it that way.” Barstow will also be registered as a sex offender for life. His jail time begins immediately.