Beer Geeks Visiting Bangor For Festival Featuring Maine Brewers 

Geaghan’s has been in business for close to two decades now.Recently, they’ve joined the brewing scene.Crafting their own custom beers seems to be a hit with their customers.”I think that what’s happening, is Bangor is slowly coming out of the shadows of Portland, and becoming a more popular city to be a part of, and a little bit younger generation is coming in, and we’re really seeing that on our craft-brew basis as well, which is really awesome, we’re really excited to be a part of it,” said Jason Courtney, Head Brewer at Geaghan’s.Along with 15 other Maine brewers, Geaghan’s will be showing off their creations on the waterfront for the Greater Bangor Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s first ever beer fest.”We’re really excited for this, because it gets to showcase our hard work. Personally, I made a beer called Glide, which is a strong, American IPA,” said Courtney.Bringing the beer out of the pub and onto the waterfront, was an idea from the crafters themselves.”This idea actually came from brewers. We have a couple of breweries that are members of ours, and they were at a brew fest, and they came back and said, ‘we need to do this here.’ Maine itself are hard-working, authentic individuals, and are craft breweries are just the same,” said Jessica Donahue, marketing and promotions, with the GBCVB.The festival has beer-aficionados from California coming to check it out.They won’t mind the flight.Chris Nelson and his wife Meredith have traveled all over the world trying different beers.Their website, , shows their adventures.They have been to Maine before, but are excited to be the keynote speakers at the festival during their first trip to Bangor.”It’s about meeting people, so if you have a large group, you’re bound to meet someone that you connect with, and that’s how we’ve made friends all over the world, is by drinking beer with them,” said Meredith.”A nice local beer festival, that’s what it’s all about, is getting to experience a wide breadth of the local beer,” said Chris.The Beer Geeks will speak at a special VIP session being held from noon to 1pm on Saturday.General admission is from 1pm to 5pm.For more information about the festival, including ticket prices, go to