Orono Joins Growing Trend of Simple Recycling 

Orono is the latest community to join a growing trend of simple recycling.Starting next month, residents can throw everything they want to recycle in one bin and leave the sorting to someone else.Jim Dunning with Casella Waste Systems says recycling’s never been easier. “What we’ve found historically is that recycling just isn’t convenient for people. You have to look and guess at, well, can this be recycled or can’t it. You’ve got different bins in your house or garbage where you’re trying to keep everything sorted. So with the Zero Sort program, you can mix all of those recyclables together and we take the guess work out of it.”Casella brought Zero Sort to the area about three years. Dunning says it’s catching on with lots of communities.”Orono, Milford, Old Town, Veazie, Brewer kind of lead the way a few years back. They were our first large community to jump on board.”Just to name a few. The program includes a few rules of thumb for customers.When it comes to paper and cardboard, if you can rip it, recycle it. Plastic that bends is good to go, too. “We even take kiddie pools and plastic sleds. In the wintertime if a kid breaks a plastic sled, that’s recyclable. Five gallon bucket. Again, if it has some flex to it, we take it.”Dunning says the program’s also an easy way for communities to cut costs, like in Old Town. “They’re saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in the form of diverted materials, because they’re taking so much out of the waste stream that you would traditionally pay expensive incinerator fees for and you’re recycling it turning it into something that’s valuable.”Adding another layer of benefit to a program that relies on just one bin.You can learn more about the Zero Sort program and how it works by logging on to