Act to Buy American-made Products Passes State Senate 

A bill sponsored by Assistant Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson (D-Allagash) to direct the State of Maine to buy American-made products at every realistic opportunity passed the Senate today by a vote of 31-4.The measure directs the State of Maine to buy American-made products where feasible. The bill also includes safeguards to give the state flexibility to ensure that it can still purchase all the items it needs, including those needed for safety.At the public hearing in the Labor, Commerce, Research, and Economic Development Committee, the bill received support from a broad coalition of workers, businesses, and labor unions. Former State Representative Mark Bryant, now with the Alliance for American Manufacturing, made a strong case that establishing a preference for American-made goods “promotes growth, expands the tax base, and, by hiring workers, lowers the burden on social safety net programs.”The bill, LD 890, “An Act to Buy American-made Products,” will now face more votes in the Senate and House.