Man Accused of Criminal Threatening Stands Trial 

The trial for an Edinburg man accused of threatening a state trooper with a knife began on Monday. Warren Dome, 55, is charged with criminal threatening with a weapon from an incident in August 2012. On that day, State Trooper Chris Hashey responded to Dome’s home on Edinburg Road. When he arrived, Dome approached the trooper with a Knife. Hashey shot the 55-year-old twice, once in the thigh and again in the scrotum. At one point, he was in serious condition at Eastern Maine Medical Center, but has recovered.Hashey took the stand on Monday and said he shot Dome because he felt like the suspect intended to harm him.A dashboard camera video of the incident was played for the jury. The video showed Hashey shooting Dome, Dome dropping to the ground, Hashey kicking the knife away and then handcuffing Dome. The jury is expected to deliberate on Tuesday.