On Father’s Day, Locals Reflect On Lessons They Learned From Their Dads 

It was a special day for dad’s.On Sunday, we spoke with families who were celebrating Father’s Day with their dad’s in Bangor.We asked them what’s the greatest thing their fathers have taught them.”Best thing my father has taught me is definitely just to be respectful and friendly to people and you’ll get it in return,” said Kelsey Chandler, who had lunch and shopped with her dad in downtown Bangor. “There’s nothing really in particular. He’s just a great all around person I think,” said C.J. Pelkey, who was visiting his father in Bangor all the way from Arizona. “He has taught me to think for myself and to be independent and strong willed with a soft center,” said Mandy Hall, who’s family had a picnic lunch on the waterfront. Happy Father’s Day!