Bingham Couple Celebrates 78th Anniversary 

After seventy-eight years of marriage and nearly a lifetime of being together, Charlie and Norma Pooler of Bingham say they don’t know where all the time has gone.”It doesn’t seem possible… Yep we’ve had a nice life,” Charlie said. At age ninety-seven, Charlie still mows his own lawn and Norma says she doesn’t realize they’ve changed at all, “Time has gone too fast… If we’ve made changes we’ve just changed together,” Norma said.Carol Kiernan is from Bingham and has known them since she was a little girl, “Charles and Norma have been a loving couple all their life.”In June of 1935 Norma made her own wedding dress, and Charlie wore the blue suit he graduated from high school in. But they’ve known each other since they were kids.”We’ve always done things together, we like everything. No matter what we’ve done… outdoors fishing and things like that, we’ve always been together and done things together,” Norma said.The couple has one son, Rance who will celebrate his own 49th wedding anniversary this year.”I am a very lucky person to still have them around to celebrate this anniversary… which I think is a milestone,” Rance said. Getting married? Here’s Norma’s advice: “you’ve got to live and love together, and you’ve got to live and forgive.” Well, that seems to have worked out pretty well for them.