Barn Fire in Newport 

A barn in Newport caught fire Saturday morning. The fire started in one corner of the barn around 9:00am officials say. Five crews responded to the call and easily put the small fire out. Fire officials say the hay heated up during the weather change and caught fire on its own. The barn and nearby house are no longer occupied or in use. Owners did say the barn was very old, “the old barn has been up here since the 1800s and it’s a 125 feet long…” Allen Proctor said. “My husband and one of my brother in laws ran in with the fire extinguisher, but it was too small, so they tried hooking up a hose but that wouldn’t reach. Then in the meantime we did have fire departments on the way and just were hoping and praying that the whole thing didn’t just take off,” Sandy Hughes said.Fire officials remind everyone to keep their barns clean during the summer months.