Annual Bangor Peony Garden Tours 

Did you know?The “queen City” is a top location to grow the “queen of Flowers”… Ken Liberty has been growing peonies for the majority of his life, and he knows almost all there is to know about peonies, “well peonies require a cold climate, you’ve got to have a good winter… so they’re ideally suited for growth in Maine,” Liberty said.The Peony Society of Maine is one of just ten peony societies in the nation. It’s hosting the annual Bangor Garden Tour this Saturday and next. “There are about 90 different peonies that come at different times of the season beginning in the first of June and going through until the first or second week in July by planting different kind of peonies you can extend the season,” Liberty explained. Ken Liberty was first introduced to peonies when he was a teenager, now they are one of his passions. He says he can’t pick a favorite, “each one has its own merit and so on and they’re all beautiful,” he said. Liberty’s garden at 23 Ohio Street in Bangor is the first stop of eight gardens on the tour. Peonies are known for they’re snow ball- like blossoms, called “double bombs,” but what most don’t know is they are one of the longest living flowers. Liberty says you don’t need a “green thumb” to grow them.”They come up every year and they’re extremely easy to grow, once you get them in the ground and give them adequate sun and everything you will find that the peony will outlive you actually.” Liberty said. The tours, Saturday June 15th & 22nd from 10am-3pm begin at 23 Ohio Street. There will be information on other tour locations. Peony experts will be on site to answer any questions about peony planting and growing. The cost is $3 and all the money raised will go to help fund planting peonies at local non-profit organizations.