Pittsfield Students Climb Into Some Big Trucks For Field Day 

Kids in Pittsfield got a chance to hop into some big trucks Thursday.It was during their annual field day.Local emergency response vehicles were parked at Vickery School to give kids a chance to get an up close look inside them.First responders were there to answer questions and explain their roles in the community.”It’s just a great way to end the year. It gives our kids a chance to have some fun. It gives them a chance to learn some more things about the community that we haven’t necessary covered throughout the year, and just end their year on a positive note,” said fourth grade teacher, Tricia Alley.”It is really fun. It’s an activity to get really, liked, involved with things. I think it’s a very good time. I’m having a lot of fun,” said fourth grader Asa Cianchette”I think it’s fun and it gives kids a chance to do something with their whole class and other classes before the last day of school,” said said fourth grader Allie Tilton.Kids also got a chance to see inside the TV 5 Live Eye and practice their own live shots, which was cool, but probably not as cool as getting sprayed with the fire hose.