Oakland Elementary Students Raise $1500 For Cancer Research 

The Relay For Life cancer research benefit takes place this weekend in Skowhegan. But a group of elementary school students in Oakland are getting an early start. For the third year in a row, Students, parents, faculty and staff from the Atwood Primary School took part in their own walk to benefit cancer research. Together they raised $1,560.26.If you measure it in distance, they walked one mile. But the lessons the 250 students learned on their short journey are impossible to measure.If the kids needed any inspiration, they didn’t need to look any further than their own classmates. Jaidyn Logan and Angelyn Paradis were both diagnosed with cancer when they were in kindergarten. Now in the second grade, both are cancer free. “It’s the reason we do this,” said Atwood Primary School Principal, Jennifer McGee. “When we started 3 years ago one of the children came up to me and said ‘but Mrs. McGee, we can’t cure cancer.’ And I said ‘no, no. The reason we do this is to raise money for scientists who can cure cancer’. And with them having successful treatments it just proves that to all of us and just makes us reinvest every single year.”Gabe Jackson walks in memory of his mother Amanda, who passed away from cancer at the age of 28. The team that walks in her honor, Amanda’s Army, has once again been touched by cancer. Amanda’s aunt, Carrie Commeau, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She’ll walk the one mile then head to her chemotherapy treatment. She says she draws inspiration from survivors like Jaidyn and Angelyn.”You can’t feel bad for yourself,” Commeau said. “Not when you see these little kids. They’re so brave. They’re just smiling like nothing, like they did nothing and they did an amazing thing.”The kids walking have spent months collecting money. One student donated all the money he got at his first communion to the cause. Officials from this weekends Relay for Life were also on-hand to show their appreciation for a group of kids who over the course of this one mile journey are learning lessons that will last them a lifetime.”Because it’s about people. survivors, caregivers,” said Judi York, Chairperson for the Somerset County Relay for Life. “It’s about people who care to get rid of cancer. That’s our goal. Let’s wipe it out.”The Relay for Life event kicks off Saturday at Noon at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds.Folks will walk all through the night until 6:00 Sunday morning to raise money for cancer research.You can learn more by going to