Medical Examiner Releases Cause of Death in Nichole Cable Murder 

The medical examiner has released the cause of death of a Glenburn teenager. According to Dr. Margaret Greenwald, the state’s chief medical examiner, Nichole Cable, 15, died from ” asphyxia due to compression of the neck”. Kyle Dube, 20, of Orono, is accused of killing Nichole. Nichole and Dube reportedly knew each other. Police say Dube created a fake Facebook account, posing as another local teen and set up a meeting with Nichole to smoke pot. Court documents state Nichole texted Dube to let him know she was meeting this other guy, and Dube told her to call him if she needed anything.Documents also state Nichole texted her boyfriend the morning of her death, saying she hung out with Dube the night before and he tried to kiss and grope her, leaving a bite mark on her. Investigators say there’s evidence of a foot chase and a struggle. Police say Dube’s brother told them Kyle planned on kidnapping Nichole, then finding her, becoming a hero. Nichole was reported missing the day after Mother’s Day. Nichole’s body was found more than a week later in a wooded area in Old Town.