Searsport Schools Walk for Diabetes 

The students at Searsport Elementary, Middle, and High School are walking for diabetes awareness. They are also walking for several of their peers who have type-one diabetes. Shanna Golder is coordinating the walk this Saturday at 10am at Searsport Middle School. Her family is no stranger to the life-altering disease, “it would be nice not to have to deal with this everyday,” she says.Her step-son, Josh, has type-one diabetes and her husband Jeff, a PE teacher at Searsport High School has lived with diabetes for more than twenty years.“If we can raise awareness and raise the money to cure diabetes… because I believe it can happen in our lifetime, my husband and my step son, our entire life would be different,” Golder said.The response the family received from students and the community was overwhelmingly positive.“I felt happy because you know, everybody was just jumping into help and support the cure for diabetes,”Josh said.Sometimes having diabetes is hard to explain to other kids, “I have to tell them that I can have what I want it’s just that I have to take insulin for it…” he explained. The family says diabetes walks are not as common as other charity events, and hope the walk this weekend, will be the start of something big.”“We’re really just looking for more awareness and fundraising so that someday we can maybe have a cure,” Jeff Holder said. Josh had a special message for those who give, “thank you, because you know, it’s just, people don’t realize how hard it is to have this, it doesn’t change it that much, but it’s not fun,” he said.