Orrington Students Have Fun Learning About Fire Safety 

It may have been a wet day in Orrington, but field day at the Center Drive School wasn’t a wash out. “We got to do this really fun relay race thing. We had to run back and forth and it was really fun. If it was zero to 100. I’d rate it 100. 100 is like awesome. Despite the rain it didn’t matter? No, I like the wet,” said Max, a third grader at the school. While the Orrington Fire Department regularly holds education days at the school, including fire safety at field day was a first. “We want to make learning fun is a big thing, but we also want to emphasize the things that we’ve learned throughout the year so by having them be able to spray a hose at a smoke detector test button it might remind them maybe I should go home and test my smoke detector,” said Firefighter Shellie Tourtillotte, Public Educator with the Orrington Fire Department. “I learned that the jacket we had to put on was really heavy,” said Audra, another third grade student. “I learned to, if you are a fireman, to treat the patients with gentleness, so you don’t like hurt them if they have any bruises or something,” said Max. A house fire took the lives of a father and his three children in Orrington last fall, so fire safety is on everyone’s mind here. “I know families have been very concerned and scared so in order to get out there and be part of the community you need to do more activities. Decrease the fear and increase the education so we won’t ever have that happen again anywhere,” said Tourtillotte. And the students have definitely been listening to Firefighter Shellie. “That makes it so exciting because you know I go into the classrooms and spend time with them and you always wonder do they remember it do they catch on to what were saying and obviously they have and hopefully they’ll take that home,” said Tourtillotte. “Well we had to spray the hose on the fire alarm to see if it was working,” said Audra. When asked if she will check her fire alarm when she goes home, she responded, “Yes. Absolutely.”