Bangor City Council Blocks Aggressive Panhandling 

Problem panhandlers could soon face fines in Bangor. On Monday, the city council unanimously approved two ordinances that make “aggressive solicitation” punishable through a civil fine. Recently, the city has fielded a number of complaints in regards to aggressive solicitations at intersections and also downtown.Panhandling is allowed in Bangor, but this action prevents people from doing so while blocking traffic or threatening others. “Then it becomes problematic, when they are blocking doorways or entrances to businesses. That’s when it becomes problematic for a business,” said Sgt. Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department. City Councilor Ben Sprague says, “The purpose of the ordinance is to protect against unreasonable or aggressive solicitation downtown.”Also at tonight’s meeting, the council unanimously approved a resolve, opposing the budget passed by the state legislature’s appropriations committee. They believe that the elimination of revenue sharing with cities and towns will create the largest property tax increase in the state’s history.