A Milford Cancer Survivor Finally Gets To Sing Her Heart Out 

Jessi Mallory from Milford found out she had stage 2 cervical cancer back in October. She began treatment in the beginning of the year.On Sunday, things were looking a lot better for Jessi. “Three weeks ago I went in for my check up, follow up and they said I was cancer free, so it worked yeah. We beat it!,” she exclaimed. While she beat the disease, the bills have piled up. “They said the cancer battle is over, but the financial battle is very expensive to have cancer treatments. So we’ve got 6 bands here today and people filtering in and out all day to help me and raise money. We’ve got silent auctions and raffles and all kids of stuff,” said Mallory. “Well Jessi is a local musician that everybody just loves. She’s a great talent and a great person and when we heard she was in a financial difficulties, we just wanted to be there to so something for her and help her out,” said Jeff Budge, a fundraising committee member. Her father, a drummer in The Mainely Country Band, always plays for charity events, but this one was even more special. His daughter is cancer-free. “Oh it’s awesome. It’s the best thing in the world. I love her to death. Couldn’t ask for anything better really,” he said. “We were lucky to get that news before this all happened. So this became a celebration,” said Budge. When we spoke with her back in March, this was a celebration Jessi was hoping she would have one day when she got out of the hospital.”I’m going to DJ my own I don’t have cancer anymore party,” she told us from her hospital bed. On Sunday, she ditched the turntables, and grabbed a guitar. She belted out an Elvis tune, as the crowed cheered her on.