Court Documents: Glenburn Teen Texted with Accused Killer the Night She was Killed 

We’re learning more about the murder of a Glenburn teenager. According to newly released court documents, Nichole Cable, 15, texted with her accused killer the night she died. Police say Kyle Dube, 20, of Orono, created a fake Facebook account, posing as another local teen, and using that account, set up a meeting with Nichole to smoke pot. Nichole texted Dube to tell him about the meeting. Here are the text messages: From: Cable To : Dube Date: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:00:08 Text: Soo I’m hanging out with bryan soon he just left from corinth and he’s smoking me up and giving me a free 20 bag. I’m pumped.From: Dube To: CableDate: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:04:12Text: Lucky b***h :)From: Cable To: DubeDate: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:05:28 Text: And people say looks don’t get you what you want… I didn’t even have to flirt with bryan From: Dube To: CableDate: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:07:41Text: He’s probably ugly and just want the cute girls be around him From: Cable To: DubeDate: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:12:59 Text: Haha probablyy. But I swear if he tried anything , I’ll stab him.. That makes me seem crazy or somethingFrom: Dube To: Cable Date: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:12:59 Text: Just remember to call me or anything if you need me From: Cable To: DubeDate: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:15:23Text: Alrightt, I will. Is it weird to be a little scared?From: Dube To: Cable Date: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:18:58 Text: No I wouldn’t beFrom: Cable To: DubeDate: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:20:08 Text: Alright. From: Dube To: Cable Date: 5/12/2013 Time: 21:43:30 Text: Just don’t get to stone Police interviewed the teenager who they believe Dube was pretending to be on Facebook. The teen told police he was having a problem with a fake account that had all of his personal information on it, but wasn’t him. This teenager told police he suspected Kyle Dube was the one with the fake account and that Dube had tried to have sex with Nichole, but Nichole refused the advances. Detectives logged on to Nichole Cable’s Facebook account and found that the person with the fake account had repeatedly asked her to meet him. According to court documents, on May 12th, Nichole agreed to meet with this person to get marijuana but said she did not have a lot of time to stay. Police were able to track the fake account to Kyle Dube’s house using the IP address provided by Facebook. Also in the documents, police say Nichole told her boyfriend via text that on May 11th she was with Kyle Dube and he tried to kiss and grope her, leaving a bit mark on her. Nichole also texted Dube, telling him he left a bite mark on her, and he replied, “sorry”. When police asked Dube about the bite mark, he reportedly told them that while kissing Nichole he bit her back. According to court documents, there was a possible foot chase during which Nichole lost her shoes. Police say scratches on Dube’s face and a hat found in the woods with Dube’s DNA are signs of a possible struggle. Police interviewed Dube’s brother who told them Kyle Dube, ” intended to kidnap Nichole and hide her: that he would later find her and be the hero.”According to the document, Dube’s girlfriend told investigators that he told her where he hid Cable’s body. “He left her in a clearing and had covered Cable’s body with branches: that he threw Cable’s clothes out the window as her drove back to pick her up.”The medical examiner has still not told us how Nichole died.