Warmer Weather Brings Reminders About Ozone and Health Issues 

With warmer summer weather comes the chance of increased ozone levels. And that can make it tough for some people to breathe.Health experts and the American Lung Association are reminding people to be aware of high ozone days. Those most at risk of having problems are young children, the elderly and those with medical issues. The best way to avoid trouble is to cutback on time outside. Bob Snow, a registered pulmonary function technologist at Eastern Maine Medical Center, says, “Stay inside, stay in air conditioned areas, if you can. Just try to limit your exposure, pretty much. Try not to do your heavy activities during the hottest part of the day.”Most weather reports will include ozone alerts when state health officials issue them. The American Lung Association has also created a free app for smartphones called “State of the Air” to monitor ozone levels in your area. You can find more information at