UPDATE: House in Newport Damaged by Fire 

A fire at a two floor barn house in Newport on Wednesday night. Newport Fire Department was called to the residence on Mullen Rd. before 8pm.Numerous area fire departments also responded to the scene.There was quite a bit of damage to the house.”Looked like they had a fire in a section of the house they haven’t lived in in 20 years. It’s unsure where it’s started it pretty much spread through the whole section of the house. We stopped it before it went into the living part of the house. It did suffer a lot of heat damage, smoke damage over there but the fire didn’t spread over there. There was a lady in the house she didn’t appear to be too injured but they took her over for precaution to get her checked out,” said Newport Fire Chief Jeff Chretin. The Chief tells us that she was the only person home at the time. He is unsure how many people lived there.He said a few cats didn’t survive the blaze.The fire was especially difficult to put out as the house had a number of additions over the years with some false walls and the area the fire started was used for storage and packed with items.They are still unsure of a cause.