Bangor City Councilor Speaks Out About Senior Center Budget Cuts 

Municipalities around Maine might be making budget cuts as a result of how the next state budget turns out.In Bangor, the Hammond Street Senior Center could lose funding from the city.Many members of center joined Bangor City Councilor Charlie Longo Wednesday in expressing why they believe the money they receive is so important.Longo says most Bangor city councilors want to cut the center’s funding.”I want to make sure that the Bangor City Council doesn’t balance this budget on the backs of our seniors. We have a gem in our downtown, known as the Hammond Street Senior Center, and we need to make sure that we keep that in the years to come,” said Longo.”There’s is nothing that I know of in all the states that I have lived in that is as great as the one in Bangor,” said Alta Boothby, a member of the center.