Tourism Season Begins In Bar Harbor 

The streets are starting to get busy again in Bar Harbor and businesses are excited.”So far it’s good, good flow of traffic, seems like people are willing to spend. It seems good so far,” said Leon Debbah, one of the owners of Debbah’s, a gift shop on Main Street. While the weather hasn’t been ideal, having been in business for more than 50 years, Debbah’s has a pretty good idea of what’s to come.”It’s going be a great season. We see a lot of people coming in, a lot of Mainers, a lot of people excited to be here, so I think it’s going be really good,” said Debbah. After six seasons of working at Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, Matt Buckley knows there’s nothing better than the height of the season.”You just get that rush and you just work and you keep going. It’s a lot of fun especially in a place like this. A lot of nice people to work with, a lot of nice people coming in,” said Buckley. From both near and far.”We come downtown, we walk around, hit the restaurants, Acadia Park,” said Dick Deshaies, a regular visitor from New Hampshire. “We were in Boston last week for our grand daughter’s graduation and this week we wanted to see the East Coast,” said Chris Bowen from California. This coastal town is a quite different than those on the western shores.”Less hustle and bustle, this is more relaxing…and a lot more lobster,” said Bowen. Will they come back?”If we live long enough, we will certainly try,” she laughed. “We’re from Wisconsin and we’re picking up our daughter from coastal studies for girls,” said Colleen Johnson. This family wished they could extend their trip. “One more day would have been helpful there is always more you want to do and see,” said Johnson. “You get the chance to see the big water of course. It’s a little different from the Great Lakes,” said Scott Johnson. “It’s pretty much the same, just the ocean and the accents,” said Julie Anne Johnson.