Tim Hortons Offers Break for Workers, Summer Camp for Kids 

Tim Hortons restaurant is giving workers in Maine a coffee break this summer – for free. A mobile coffee shop is making its way to businesses in the Bangor and Portland areas as part of a deal called Tim’s Time Off. Any business owner can sign up to have the truck stop by. Employees get free drinks and giveaways. Tim Hortons is also getting ready to help send kids to summer camp with their annual Camp Day fundraiser. Local restaurant owners will donate all proceeds from coffee sales Wednesday, June 5th, to help kids have an unforgettable summer experience.Ellie Morin, with Tim Hortons, says, “Personally I went to summer camp and was fundraised for to go on. So it’s really nice to send people that cant afford it to go. And just a simple thing like buying a cup of coffee that you would normally do on the way to work or school or whatever it may be, that little simple purchase can contribute to a huge event.”The Camp Day fundraiser runs all day.All of the money raised goes to Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, which sent more than 15,000 kids to camp last year. To learn more about the free coffee mobile, you can send an email to [email protected]