Ride to Wellness Program 

Sally Bilancia, Executive Director, Maine Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and Marcia Larkin Department Director, Penquis, Lynx announce the Maine Affiliate of Susan G. Komen grant renewal to the Penquis Lynx, Ride to Wellness Program. The Lynx: 973-3695 or 1-866-853-5969 Ride to Wellness The Maine Affiliate of Susan G. Komen has announced its 2013 Grantees, awarding nearly $265,000 to eight Maine programs. Among the eight grants funded this year is the Ride to Wellness program through the Penquis Lynx Transportation Program. The Ride to Wellness program helps eliminate transportation as a barrier for women or men living in Penobscot or Piscataquis County in need of breast cancer treatment. The grant will be used to provide transportation services or mileage reimbursement to individuals for medical treatment of breast cancer including diagnostic services, chemotherapy, radiation, support groups and more. *I think it is important to make special note upfront and repeat that the Ride to Wellness is or residents in Penobscot and Piscataquis County. Last time we talked about this on the broadcast a viewer outside of those areas called looking for help. It was hard to see their hopes up for help then not be eligible. It was mentioned that it was only for Penobscot and Piscataquis but not until the end. (Renae) Komen · Local investment: o 75% of the net funds raised stay right in the State of Maine to fund breast cancer education, screening & treatment programs. o To date the Komen Maine has invested over $3 million in our communities· How we determine funding:o Every four years we conduct a community assessement. Access to care was identified as a challenge for our rural communities. In providing transportation assistance, programs like Penquis Ride to Wellness provide one very effective way to address the problem.· Race for the Cure – Bangoro September 15tho The Race series provides over 50% of the revenue Komen Maine invests in mission programs