Belfast Boating Business Expanding 

Things are heating up on the Belfast waterfront.Just two years in business, Front Street Shipyard continues to expand.A federal grant will allow the boat yard to finish the project they envisioned. “So this really allows us to add more slips, add more transient capabilities for the whole facility, so we can have more people coming to Maine, visiting Maine on their boats, spending money in all the different places and visiting the best cruising grounds in the world,” said J.B. Turner, President of Front Street Shipyard. While these grants aren’t usually given to private enterprises, they believed the shipyard has bettered Belfast. “Front Street has actually revitalized the inner harbor which for a long time was pretty quiet. Bigger boats every year. More moorings every year, more public down here enjoying the harbor every year. It’s been a big big change,” said Belfast Harbor Master Katherine Pickering. And more docks, means more boats, which means more work for locals. The company now employs 115 people. “I’m lucky enough to work here. It’s a great place to work and a beautiful area to spend my time at. If I had a boat, I’d be pulling right in there too,” said John Ganz, a boat carpenter. This couple has been visiting here for years, and are happy with the changes. “It’s definitely nice to see new faces. We enjoy cruising and we hope to see more people out on the water. It’s the perfect spot on the East Coast as far as we’ve seen,” said Bob Harvey. “Anybody that comes down is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a ten foot boat or a two hundred foot boat, your welcome to tie up,” said Turner.