New Wind Turbine in Brewer is First of its Kind 

A new wind turbine could put our state at the fore-front of clean energy.Peter Vigue, CEO of Cianbro Construction Company says this is big. “Maine can become the primary renewable energy supplier for the entire northeast.”After more than five years of collaboration by the University of Maine, lawmakers, and several companies, this new wind turbine, named the “VolturnUS”, is making a splash. One UMaine graduate Terran Siladei says, “to be looking at it on a computer screen everyday and then to come out here and finally see the full built product is extremely exciting because it looks almost exactly like I drew it on the computer.”The turbine placed in the water Friday was a prototype, and is one-eighth the size of another turbine that will be anchored in the Gulf of Maine. The turbine’s blades are longer than the wing-span of a 7-47 airliner and it can produce more than twice the electricity needed to power Maine. Senator Susan Collins says, “it has the advantage of being out of sight of land, it has the advantage of more persistent winds so it can produce more electricity and I see no reason why the state of Maine cannot be the global leader in developing this new technology.”Senator Collins christened the turbine and signed its concrete hull. The hull is designed to take on 60-foot waves and high speed winds.This new energy industry could create thousand of jobs.Collins says, “this has the potential to revive manufacturing in the state of Maine, the creation of as many as 20,000 new jobs.”The hope is also for continued power for the next generation.For now, the turbine will be towed down the Penobscot to Castine where it will be connected to the electric grid. It should begin creating electricity next week.