Hot Air Balloon Festival Helps Man Cross Item Off Bucket List 

There’s a big balloon festival going on this weekend in Dover-Foxcroft. In honor of the event, students and staff at Foxcroft Academy got to learn a bit more about hot air balloons. If you’ve never seen what it takes to get a hot air balloon ready to go, it’s pretty neat. It doesn’t take too long to go from something as flat as a pancake, to something ready to glide you through the air. ” First time I’ve been in a balloon, I’ve always wanted to do it,” said Jaclyn Tourtelotte, the athletic trainer at Foxcroft Academy. Staff members got a chance Friday morning to see what it’s like to float in the air. ” It was awesome, I don’t like heights but it was great,” said Tammy Smith, administrative assistant for the assistant head of school. ” It wasn’t scary at all, wish we went up another 100 feet,” added Arnold Shorey, head of school. Students didn’t get to go for a ride, but they are using the experience as a lesson. ” The balloonists afterward will go to the science classes and talk about the science of flying a balloon,” explained Shorey. One man who did get to have some fun Friday is Woody Woodworth. ” It was wonderful,” said Woodworth with a smile. He has cerebral palsy and taking a hot air balloon ride was on his bucket list.” He’s been talking about this for ages. Just turned 64 years old, so in 64 years he got his wish,” said Brian Woodworth. Brian Woodworth is Woody’s brother, and is also a member of the committee putting together the first ever Piscataquis Heritage Hot Air Balloon Festival. ” It’s our first shot at this event, so we’re hoping for 5,000 and next year I’m sure it will be at least double that,” said Brian Woodworth. The balloons at the festival won’t be tethered like they were at Foxcroft Academy, but don’t let that scare you. ” My mother’s going up in the balloons, she’s 94 years old,” said Brian Woodworth. There are events scheduled for the entire weekend. If you’d like more information on the Piscataquis Heritage Hot Air Balloon Festival, including a schedule, click here.