EMMC In Bangor Makes Stroke Honor Roll For Two Years In A Row 

A Bangor hospital has made the the American Stroke Associaton’s honor roll for the second straight year.Eastern Maine Medical Center is being recognized for the plan it has in place for stroke victims.It’s said that when it comes to strokes, every minute counts.EMMC gets high marks for administering something known as tPA to at least 50% of eligible patients within an hour upon arrival.”That requires a lot of coordination by all the different departments, which includes emergency room, the triage nurses, the ED doctors, lab, CT scan, and the neurologists, and we all have to work like a well-oiled clock to make sure we get this patient this medicine in 60 minutes,” says the program’s medical director, Deviyani Mehta, MD.Sudden weakness, numbness, severe headaches, problems with vision and balance are all signs of stroke.The doctors at EMMC say that if you or someone you’re with experience any of these systems, it’s crucial to call 911 immediatly.