Randolph Karate Instructor Donating To Nichole Cable’s Family Through Self-Defense Class 

The murder of Glenburn teen Nichole Cable has made quite an impact on a lot of people. A central Maine karate instructor is offering special classes to teach teens the importance of self defense.”We’re fearful of things we don’t understand. If you have a little bit of training, and you can start to understand what is happening in this situation, maybe you’ll be a little less adrenalized, maybe you’ll be able to think a little bit clearer and handle that situation, before it gets going and really gets to a really bad place,” says Glen Fitzmaurice, co-owner of Maine Isshinrya Karate Acadmey in Randolph.Glen Fitzmaurice has taught many classes on self-defense.”I’ve been doing this for 15 years now, and what I run into over and over and over again, is people thinking, well, it’s not going to happen to me. Well, I hope not, but it’s better to be prepared,” says Fitzmaurice.This summer, a new class holds a special meaning. They’re offering a basic course for moms and teen girls.”For every teen that attends this class, we’re going to donate to Nichole Cable’s family. It’s heart wrenching to see that something like this happens, you know and it happens local, but we tend to think that it doesn’t happen around here, and it does happen in Maine, and it’s happened several times, but we don’t want to think about it, and that’s a shame. Some simple tips can make a lot of difference. So, if I can make a lot if difference, and help her family out, then it’s win-win,” says Fitzmaurice.Fitzmaurice will be highlighting internet safety, as well as defensive moves girls of all ages can learn.”It just made me feel comfortable, or being out on the street, or going to a shopping center with my son. It just gave me a feeling of empowerment,” says Lisa Downs, who’s taken a class before.Fitzmaurice says every teen should be armed with self-defense skills. “It’s one class. It’s a short class, and it’s effective. Make the call. Come down and see us, we’ll come to you. It’s really, really easy,” says Fitzmaurice.Classes are at 6 pm Friday nights and 10 am Saturday mornings for mothers and their teenage daughters.They’ll also come to you if you’re in a group.It’s $20 per person.The karate school will donate $20 to Nichole’s family for each teen that attends.For more information go to or call 582-6365.