Elementary Schoolers Take Part in Books for Bikes Program 

Reading can take you on a lot of adventures and now because of reading, some elementary school students have another way to explore this summer. Students at the Dedham School read a lot of books. ” Six or seven,” said Eliana Sebrun, telling us how many she read. ” I think 10 or 11,” added Nick Boid. The more books, the more chances to win. ” For every book they read they wrote down the title and either a parent or teacher signed that they read the book and they could put their name in for a drawing,” said Kathy Lawson, principal of the school. It’s all part of the Books for Bikes program, which is sponsored in Dedham by the Orland Masons Rising Sun 71. ” We want to teach children the joys of free reading,” said Joel West, master mason. Twelve bikes are raffled off: a boy and girl in each grade gets one. ” I kind of feel like summertime Santa Claus ,” said West. For these kids, it’s not all about the prizes. ” Read the books that you like. Don’t do it just to win the bike, ” said Sebrun. ” It’s really entertaining and if you have nothing to do you can read for fun,” added Boid. ” Overall everybody wins because we know reading is the fundamental of life. If they can’t read they’re not going to succeed in life and so reading is of upmost importance,” said Lawson. For West, it’s nice to be able to give back to the community. ” If we get one child that experiences the benefit of free reading and realizes what that can do to enhance their life, then it was a success for us.” A success achieved one book at a time.