Family And Friends Attend Funeral in Bangor For Nichole Cable Of Glenburn 

The sun was shining as family and friends gathered to say goodbye to the Glenburn girl whose disappearance on Mother’s Day brought communities together in an effort to find her.15-year-old Nichole Cable was described as a girl with an infectious smile who always wanted to be a star.Hundreds of people came out, many wearing a bit of yellow, one of Nichole’s favorite colors.Pastor Jerry Mick of Bangor Baptist Church said he spoke with Nichole’s family and said “They are on a mission that what happened to Nichole doesn’t happen again.”Nichole’s best friend, Haley, said through a speech read by Pastor Mick, that Nichole was a country girl at heart, who loved to look at the stars at night, and she will miss laughing and talking with her.Haley’s father, Jaime, said “We’d wake up everyday and hope that it wasn’t true.” Kristine Wiley, Nichole’s mother, said “Baby girl, I love you so much. I know in my heart you will be with me always.”Some of Nichole’s favorite songs were heard and pictures of her were shared as those who loved the girl who’s life was tragically cut short said goodbye.