Bangor Parade Proves to be a Family Tradition 

Specks of sunshine helped to warm the patriotic spirit of many in Bangor Monday.Veterans made their way down Main Street to honor the memory of comrades lost at war.Joy Hollowell introduces us to some familiar faces at the annual parade.===”I’m 96, almost 96 and a half. I count the months these days.”World War Two veteran Woodrow Cross also counts himself lucky, to be among those marching on this day.”Oh, it means a lot to me,” says Cross. “I served several months in New Guinea and down in the jungles. And that was not a very pleasant place.”93-year old Clifford West enlisted in 1942 and was commissioned one year later.”Fought the Battle of Okinawa and then went to Japan for the cleaning of Japan after the bomb was dropped,” says West.Both West and Cross say they’re grateful and humbled by the reaction of the crowds.”Never expected this, never asked for it, but it’s welcome,” says West.8 year old Katherine doesn’t hesitate when asked what’s her favorite part of the parade.”The soldiers,” she answers. “My Dad was in the Navy.”Lei Daniels attended with her brother Steve, whose a veteran.”Oh it’s fun,” explains Steve Daniels. “We do this every year, it’s a family tradition.””I value all my freedoms,” adds Lei Daniels. “And these are the people who ensure it. I wanted to thank them for that.”