More Than Thirty Pigs Killed In Newburgh Barn Fire 

A Newburgh man lost lots of livestock in a barn fire on Saturday.The call came in around noon for an explosion and possible barn fire at a farm on Lindsey Road.”When I got on scene there was two barns burning pretty heavily and it was headed towards the other barn and the house, so I called for Dixmont and Hampden. In fact, my worry was to get our first engine in because the homeowner was in the burning barn trying to get the hogs out, so I had to get the first engine in to get water to get him out of it,” said Newburgh Fire Chief Glen Williamson. The homeowner tells us he was in his kitchen when he heard the explosion in his barn that housed the pigs.He was able to save some of the animals, but at least thirty died in the blaze.He assumes heat lamps that help warm the piglets might have something to do with the explosion.This was the second fire on his property over the past year.