Pittsfield Students Honor Men and Women Who Serve 

Catherine Pegram

Some young students in Pittsfield honored members of the military Friday. The first through fourth graders at Vickery School put on their annual Memorial Day ceremony.Along with songs and readings, they also had a wreath laying presentation to remember the men and women who’ve died in uniform. A dozen local veterans and current military members were recognized for their service. The students even shook all of their hands to thank them for their commitment to the country. Olivia Lasselle of Girl Scout Troop 768 says, “I think they really like it and I think they think we should do this every year and we do do it every year.”Senior Master Sergeant Kimberly Lander says, “It hits you right in the heart and it’s wonderful, seeing these kids getting it, understanding it. And I don’t know how many of these kids have parents that belong to the guard, belong to the military or grandparents that belong that have to taught them these things, but it’s just nice to see. It’s nice to see.”The ceremony usually takes place outside at Veterans Park but was moved inside to the school gym because of the weather.