Local Reaction: Wet Weather Dampening Spirits This Memorial Day Weekend? 

It might be a wet holiday weekend, but the weather isn’t putting a damper on Mainers’ spirits who were shopping at Danforth’s in Hermon.”Me and my son will stay inside, play inside football, wrestle. He’s usually a red power ranger so ya know. Well find something to do,” said Paul Pyle from Searsport. Most are just looking forward to a little rest and relaxation.”We probably will have a little cookout at our house in the backyard,” said Robin Ogdeen, new mother to three week old Maevey. “I can’t do a whole lot, so were just going to stay home. We have some company coming from up North. My husband is going to take the kids turkey hunting and I’m going to hang out with my sister. That’s it,” said Mary Jane Shaw of Hermon who just had a few of her knuckles replaced. This Texan is visiting Vacationland to beat the heat.”We love it, it’s beautiful. This is our seventh year coming up here,” said Monty Farrar of Granbury, Texas. The Hampden rest stop was busy with more tourists taking a break from their holiday travels.”We’re on our way to Bar Harbor, Maine. Thursday was my birthday, so were taking a little birthday trip,” said Tim Custer traveling from Pennsylvania. The weather won’t spoil their plans. “We’re just glad to be away. We’re very busy people at home. We have a lot of irons in the fire, so just getting away, rain won’t stop us. We’ll put on rain gear and off we’ll go,” said his wife Brenda. “We’re going to South Branch Lake for fishing. It might be a little rainy, but its okay,” said Gabrielle Carlson from Massachusetts. “We’re going up to check on things at our house in Prospect Harbor. Taking my parents, picking my husband up in Bangor because he was delayed getting out of Washington last night, so just looking forward to it whether it rains or not,” said Carol Whidden of New Hampshire. And even some of those who are working this weekend, know the benefits of positive thinking.”I do have to work but you know what, I don’t mind it. I love my customers and I love my job. It’s going to be what you make of it. If you want to make it dreary then, it’s going be dreary. If you want to make it fun, it’s going to be fun,” said Pam Nowell, a front desk cashier at Danforth’s.