KahBang Film Festival Announces Screen Selections 

Organizers of a yearly music, art and film festival in downtown Bangor have made their screen picks for this year’s event.More than 30 films will be viewed during the KahBang Film Festival in August. They were submitted from all over the country, Canada and even China. The film fest is just one part of four days of events put on by KahBang Arts. Organizers say it gets bigger every year. Earlier this spring, C-N-N named it one of the 10 weirdest film festivals in the world. Meg Shorette, KahBang Film Festival Director, says, “I personally love it. I think it’s really indicative of the kind of things we do here. We sit in a room and we talk about what would be funny if we did this, would it be weird if we did that and the one that gets the most laughs, we kind of do that thing.”To check out the full KahBang Film lineup, log on to