Are Electricity Maine’s Radio Ads False or Misleading 

Maine’s Public Utilities Commission wants to know if some radio ads by ‘Electricty Maine’ are false or misleading.It’s not a formal investigation, but the PUC says it’s asked ‘Electricity Maine’ to clarify a statement.One ad says, “If your power bill says standard offer, you’re paying too much.”Electricity Maine has advertised that it offers a cheaper delivery rate than the state sponsored standard offer, but that standard offer rate has recently changed.The owners of Electricity Maine tell us they are constantly changing ad campaigns.They say it’s possible an out of date ad accidentally aired.”What is particularly sensitive is making sure we are running the right commercials at the right time, so that if we have anything that includes a price or a sentence that says it will beat a certain price that it is accurate on that particular day. And what we’re looking at is the process of managing those campaigns and those promotions to make sure we keep up to date and make sure they are accurate all the time,” said Emile Clavet, Owner of Electricity MaineThe PUC says the question came up when one of its staff members heard the ad on the radio.