Governor LePage Moving His Office 

In another development in Augusta Thursday, Governor LePage says he’s moving his office out of the state house.It follows a spat over the placement of a television outside the governor’s office.The TV was running messages on a loop that call for democratic lawmakers to pass the governor’s budget and hospital repayment plan.Governor LePage was told he needed the permission of the legislative council to put the TV there and was asked to move it into the lobby of his office.He met with democratic leaders who head up the council to discuss the matter.The governor and house speaker Mark Eves describe how the meeting went.”It took about: 30. I asked them can we have a TV outside the door and they said no it had to be inside the office. So we’re not gonna do that,” said Governor LePage.”This morning was a good example of the types if meetings that happen. It was about 3 minutes long. It was very quick. The governor did the talking. We did the listening. He said he’s moving out. We said okay,” said Mark Eves (D) Maine Speaker of the House.The governor told reporters this afternoon he is moving his office.