Charleston Sex Offender Sentenced to 35 Years In Federal Prison Gets State Sentence 

After being sentenced to 35 years in federal prison Wednesday, a convicted sex offender from Charleston was sentenced in Bangor Thursday on ten counts of child pornography.44-year-old Carey Gonyer was found guilty last July of producing and possessing child porn.He was sentenced by the state to five years in prison to be served alongside the federal sentence.Gonyer sexually abused a 15-year-old boy and then produced pornographic pictures of that boy, along with others.His attorney says they will be appealing the federal case.”The federal case went to trial, so, in the federal case there was a real factual dispute with Mr. Gonyer’s responsibility for the photos in that case, and it is something we are planning to appeal, along with the sentence, so, we were disappointed with the outcome in federal court,” said his attorney, Hunter Tzovarras.Gonyer was also sentenced to more than two years in federal prison in 2007 for having child porn.