Red Cross Explains How Mainers Can Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims 

Even though Maine is hundreds of miles away from the devastation left behind by Tornados that ripped through Oklahoma and Texas, many Mainer’s want to lend a helping handThe pine tree chapter of the American Red Cross said there are plenty of ways to get involved with relief efforts.Executive Director for the chapter, Todd Nadeau, said money donations are the priority for people affected by the tornados. That money will go towards food, clothing, and medications for victims.So far, one Mainer, a mental health expert, has been sent to Oklahoma to help out.Nadeau said time will tell if more people will make the trip. “As for volunteers from Maine that will certainly be evaluated by the hour and by the days to come base on the severity and the scale. I think we can all pretty much, from looking at the news footage, see the severity and the scale is significant.” Text 90999 for an immediate donation of $10.To get more information at the local pine tree chapter, you can call them directly at 941-2903.