Court Documents Sealed in Nichole Cable Murder Investigation 

An Orono man accused of killing a Glenburn teenager is being held without bail. Unfortunately, we’re not learning much more about the case because Kyle Dube’s lawyer has asked the judge to impound the court documents. The judge has ruled that the affidavit will remained sealed until a grand jury has a chance to go over the case. Kyle Dube, 20, was in court Wednesday morning, as he walked into the courtroom, the mother of the girl he is accused of killing stood up and stared at him. Prosecutors say Dube killed Nichole Cable, 15, on Sunday evening, May 12th. ” Obviously the age of the victim is an important factor. It’s disturbing,” said Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson. Dube didn’t say anything in the courtroom and his attorney, Steve Smith, wouldn’t say much to the media. Smith replied to most questions by saying, ” no comment”. Smith would say that he is worried for his client’s safety, and thinks it will be difficult to find an impartial jury. ” There have been a number of threats made against him, we’re concerned about that and we ask the public to show some restraint,” said Smith. Some of Nichole’s family and friends were in the courtroom Wednesday. Family members would not talk with the media, but friends did. ” I want to know why he would do such a thing to such an innocent girl,” said Jessica Brideau. ” I want to know what he was thinking, like, why? What possesses you to do something like that to a 15-year-old girl,” added Ashley Pattershall. ” Here we sit now with Nichole gone and Kyle in jail. I hope he gets what he deserves,” said Jacob Day. After searching for more than a week, wardens found Nichole’s body Monday night in a wooded area off of Gilman Falls Ave in Old Town. Friends wearing yellow shirts, Nichole’s favorite color, say they know Kyle Dube, but wish they didn’t. ” I wouldn’t want to talk to him. It sickens me to know him,” said Brideau. Prosecutors won’t talk about specifics in the case but say they feel they have a strong one. ” Clearly electronic media were involved and we believe that Mr. Dube was the only one who was involved,” said Benson. For now, Dube is being held without bail and friends of Nichole are still waiting for answers.